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Version Update: 5.1.2

It’s been 4 years since the last update. Like I’ve said in my previous post I’ve been busy with work and other personal projects, but I finally found some time to fix a few things and even add some new features.

About the frequent crashes

Anyone using version 5 has experienced eventual crashes and possibly losing their work at times. I’m sorry for that, but debugging crashes in AutoHotkey language is not so simple, specially in such a huge project, and I knew it would demand a lot of time to test many scenarios so I could get a clue of what was going on and find a solution… I’ve been working on at least 2 projects at the same time for the last 4 years, so finding time for this was constantly out of sight.

Indeed after many testing, guesses and refactoring, I have found the real source of the crashes and replaced the bugged code. If anything this version is at least a lot more stable, so I’m closing all issues about crashes. If you still experience crashes too often, please use GitHub to open another issue and try to give as much details as possible.

I’d like to thank everyone who’s downloaded PMC, sent bug reports, helped answering questions on the AHK forum or GitHub, made suggestions or somehow contributed to help improving this tool. And a special thank you for everyone who, despite the bugs, supported this project with donations (they really helped me many times). So I hope this version will make it more usable for all of you.

About the future of the project

I’m not planning to abandon PMC any time soon, but I will continue to be more involved in other things so there will probably be no frequent or major updates. I will try to fix bugs, though, whenever I can, and maybe add more suggested features.

As for the video tutorials, I know the ones I’ve made haven’t come out very good, but like I said before I’m not a video maker or youtuber. So if you have experience with video making and would like to help, please get in touch. I would like to make more of them and I could use some help. I have to plan how it’s going to be and when I will have time for it. Maybe I will make a poll to decide how I should go about this. I’d love to show everyone how to accomplish many things but I haven’t found the golden formula yet.

What’s new

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