Trying to continue the project…

It’s been years since the last version and I’ve been very busy all this time with my job, family and other projects. I plan to look at the bugs reported, try to fix them and maybe add some improvements, but I just can’t find time. So, please, be patient. I’m coming back to PMC when I can. Thanks everyone for all the support.

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  1. it’s ok sir, we all have important things to do. We are glad to hear again from you.
    I have encountered a problem regarding the macro recorder in your pmc. Earlier this year, i have tried pmc with no problems and everything is working fine, and then i suddenly stopped using it because i was also busy in some ways. Now that i have free time and try to use the macro recorder, the playback is very slow and i tried speeding up the playback and it is still the same, what would be the problem?

    We are all patient and don’t rush anything, just do your best and make everyone proud of you. God Bless!

    1. When I find time again for the project I’m going to ask for help on tests and reports. I’m going to make a post about it and you can get in touch with me then. This might still take a while, though, as I’m about to start a project from scratch that will take several months to complete.

  2. Great to hear, and family does come first! I would love to see a way to simply ‘insert your own custom code’. That would be 200% awesome!

    1. Parsing AHK is a utopian task, since it’s far from being a tipped language. So far you can add JS and VB snippets.

  3. I just wanted to say how happy I am to hear this. I love PMC and it’s what got me started in AHK.
    Thank you for keeping us updated and I hope you get some time to work on it.

  4. Thank you for what you can do. This software is pretty powerful. Wish there were more written tutorials though as I’m unable to watch while at work.

    Thank you though!

    1. Surely there’s a way to grab to Closed Caption content and compile it in a text doc?
      I haven’t investigated but I’m sure I’ve glanced upon some software that does that before
      No clue what it would have been called though & I might be dreamin’.

      Please reply to my email provided if you can’t find something that works and I’ll make an attempt at coding the operation.

      Although thinking about it you could probably with a little ingenuity knock out a macro using PMC as a work around to get it done. True, it’ll be like readopting VHS in favor over downloading/streaming on Demand but hey… RAWR MOAR! lol – could be fun!

  5. Hi Rodolfo, just wanted to give props and encouragement. I’ve started using this tool to automate some parts of my work and it has been fantastic. There are a few bugs but still very functional to me and saving minutes every day, maybe hours eventually. Keep it up!

    1. Oi Rodolfo,

      Estou vindo aqui apenas agradecer a sua iniciativa. Tivemos ganhos significativos na empresa enquanto a integração de sistemas não acontece. Creio que o software tem aplicações muito poderosas para empresas que usam muitos formulários, como bancos e hospitais.

  6. Thank you, that you will be continue your project.
    Your Macro Creator still be the best! 3years without updates and still the best. So great was your work.

    The biggest problem is only: Often, when i save the pmc-archive, i lose all data or it not save everything.

  7. Thank you very much, Rodolfo!

    For your encouragement, Pulover Macro Creator has recently been a boon to my own health, reducing the effects of tendonitis by eliminating some unnecessary repetitive stress. By replacing the movement of the mouse cursor and the clicking of the left mouse button, I can still do what I need to with the least amount of pain.


  8. Please consider adding image capture, search and recognition with MS Windows, Application Windows (whole and regions within each). Please integrate this with programmatic logic flow within the macros.

      1. can you say two words, which LIB is there or how to do that? a simple example would be excellent.

        1. You can find it on the ahk forum. The PMC documentation explains how to do it.

  9. Hey Rodolfo,

    Nice to hear from you! We have been doing great things with this tool at work, we even created a “Log” for the automations. Please let me know if you are interested on an oportunity with pulovers for Renault.

    1. Hello Danny. I’ve been in touch with Tomas recently. You can add me on LinkedIn or send me an email, if you want to talk about that.

  10. Thank you for coming back!
    the row mix bug still happen when I save file, (especially when the project file contain many macro tab).but not every time.
    i use beyond compare to check if the project file was saved well.

  11. Rodolfo – that is great news.
    I know my donation was small, but I hope many small ones gave yo a bit of a breathing. Looking forward to you being back. If you need anything, message me.

  12. Descobri agora seu programa. é um dos melhores que eu ja mexi nessa área. os pequenos bugs são contornáveis e a ferramenta vale muito a pena.

  13. Im so glad to hear this! I am beyond ecstatic! PMC has helped me so much in my everyday tasks and at many jobs. Would love to see better integration with chrome objects. Take your time and family is always first!

    1. This is probably not going to happen. Unless there’s some new lib that I’m not aware of…

  14. For me PMC is one of the most useable little tools I ever came along with. However, using it for years I have given up any hope that it ever could be “reanimated” of even further developed. And now I can read that you are probably (and hopefully) returning YEAHHH 🙂 – like a present for Christmas

  15. Hi.
    Its very good news. Your program its the best. They dont have alternative. Im find some Bugs.
    1. Dont click in the center image when im click this option. (Im know im can this in put variables)
    2. Win 10 64x random crash.
    3. When im have open 2 and more Macro sometime moves randomly part macro2 or other to Macro1.
    3. When Macro back from gosub they lost variables.
    4. Sometime dont back on position from gosub and Return comand back Macro to first active line. When im put Macro in goto they work ok.

    Point 2 and 3 its most important to work.

    Mayby you consider paying for using this program. Then you can upgrade all time and dont have feels you doing its for Free and be easier to work 😉

    Thx for all your work on this 😀

  16. I want to personally thank you Rodolfo for developing this software, it has absolutely been an incredible solution to ease the struggle with repetitive task automation. I hope you will continue on working with the updates you mentioned earlier, the comunity would really appreciate that. Have a great day!

  17. Look forward to you continuing this project, I only just got back into using it and saw that it was dormant for a while.

    Needless to say it is still the best around and look forward to future iterations as it’s a life saver.

  18. AHK öğrenmeme vesile oldu. Ama hala pek çok şey için kullanıyorum. AHK için de çok yardımcı bir araç.
    Siz yokken AHK forumlarında insanlara elimden geldiğince yardım etmeye çalıştım. Çünkü aracınız daha çok kullanılsın istiyorum. Harika bir şey yaptınız.
    Kendi dilimdeki çeviri iyileştirmesini paylaşmak istiyorum.

  19. AHK helped me learn. But I still use it for a lot of things. It is also a very helpful tool for the AHK.
    While you were away, I tried to help people as much as I could on the AHK forums. Because I want it to be used more between us. You did a great thing.
    I want to share the translation improvement in my language.

  20. Oh! So nice hearing from you again. Family comes first, always! But I’m glad your eyes still shine for PMC.

    Saudações do Brasil!

  21. I would like to ask thank you, this is such a great project.
    The problem i faces with is the random crash, and the saved script would be deleted.

  22. Que feliz que eu fiquei em ler que vai continuar o seu projeto!

    seu programa é incrível!

    mesmo travando muito na versão 5.0.5 e por algum motivo quando navega entre telas, algumas vezes ele se desconfigura sozinho.

    feedback a parte, mesmo com as coisas sitadas acima, ainda não encontrei programa mais completo, intuitivo e com informações claras igual ao seu!

  23. Hello,

    Thank you for your amazing work ! It saved me so much time in the job ! Going from 60 task donne in one day to 300 !

    Take care of yourself ! Don’t rush too much 😉

  24. Hello, am newbie in macroing and have a question:

    Basically I want to make a macro with ‘2 groups’ of clicks, let’s call em group 1 and 2.
    Group 1 clicks is something I want it to keep clicking for let’s say 30 minutes.(that’s where I need help, as I can’t find how to make it repeat a group of my mouse clicks instead of individual repeats) After that I want it to switch to group 2 clicks for one set of click per clicks(that group is easy to configure, don’t need help with that). And after group 2 is done – back to another 30 minutes of group. Repeat infinity(also don’t need help with that, found that function)

    Basically what I did is make 100s of duplicates and set relatively big delay on group 1 clicks and it’s fine temporarily, but I would appreciate if someone could help and point out how could I optimize it better, since 100s of duplicates tend to crash the program from time to time.

  25. Hey, I am making macros for games and have a Youtube channel that promotes this software daily.

    Affiliate link would be cool or support.

    1. this software lives on donations, so how it should have affiliate? instead
      users should be kind enough to donate to the author

  26. Hello there. I’m extremely happy to hear that you plan on picking up the project!
    I also would like to say thanks, it was an amazing program for me so far.
    Mostly I’ve used it for Pixel / Picture detection.
    Took me a while learning how to make it clicking in random X and Y coordinations within found images, but I’ve nailed after a while.
    Writing large scripts for some in-game automations was extremely entertaining, sometimes even more than actual games that these scripts were used for. 😀

  27. Rodolfo, you’ve created an amazing program with this macro creator and it would be a joy to see it evolve beyond its current level of greatness. I’ve come so far with the script that I’ve made, not having any programming or macro creation skills prior. However, I’ve been stumped by this one issue and I was hoping you could help me with it.

    I’m trying to make a script that checks if a file is present in a specific folder and only continues on to the next macro in the sequence if the file is present. If the file is not present in the folder, the script stops and does nothing — does not continue to the next macro. If you could point me in the right direction, I would be extremely grateful. Thank you for taking time to make such a great tool — it will enable the creativity of many!

  28. Really good to hear your updating the project Pullover – I only starting scripting because of your software, so thank you very much for all you have done for me 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing the shiny new version soon mate 🙂

  29. Happy to you sir, I’m still a newbie and learn much AHK script from PMC , you did a great work!

  30. The row mix bug have been bothering me for a long time.recently I look into the source code and then found the solution: Just go to the “Save:” sub,then add [sleep 100] after the code [All_Data := “”],do this to the sub “projbackup:”too. then the problem will be fixed.
    but I can’t find a way to upload the exe file to github,can someone do this?

    and there are two more row mix bug will happen when close a tab or click “ok” in the macros edit dialog in a project with many macro tab. when I do this two action ,the last tab’s rows will be all rewrite with the first tab’s rows.But I don’t have the ability to fix this.

    But you can add an empty tab to the first tab with no hotkey assigned and also add another empty tab to the last tab with no hotkey too. by doing so,when the bug happen ,the last tab will be mix with nothing.another word:this two empty tabs is there for bugs ,leave them empty and make sure they are placed in the first tab and last tab before saveing.

  31. Thank you, I really usefully used this program
    glad to hear that bugs will be fixed! ( Like crashing while saving)

  32. The image search doesn’t work stably. Besides, the function CenterImgSrchCoords doesn’t wok stably either. Appreciate you can look into these

  33. great news
    use it all the time to macro games.
    Unfortunately crashes quite often.
    A lot of times corrupts and sometime deletes macro file when crashes.
    adding another macro ( tab ) often corrupts code in previous macro ( within the same file )
    Saving macro doesnt always work and corrupts the code.

    As a solution i keep lots and lots of versions and backups, really painful, if those corruptions and crashes are fixed that would be super awesome.

    1. Save the pmc file in an underpass folder with automatic backup with “Google Backup and Sync” and you will be able to access the deleted files and all previous versions! 😉

    1. That has nothing to do with PMC. It’s the AHK command. It simply won’t work in some situations, but you can ask for help on the forum.

  34. Would love to see an update for this. One of the biggest thing is that it does not save my macros correctly. when i open them up again i end up with only half the steps.

  35. Cordial greeting, I am entering RDA with your application that so far has seemed very useful to me. I appreciate your great effort and teaching to share your knowledge. Now I am going to start a new project and I have found difficulties and I don’t know how to continue. I am creating a process that allows me to add new users to the Active Directory, I only manage to open it and from then on I cannot carry out any action; in other words, click to create a new user, neither by click coordinates nor by image.

  36. You need to know how much good I have been able to do with your help. I’m not a programmer. I’ve worked for low income clinics and up until recently poorer hospitals.
    Many projects were done that never would have happened with out your help. So thank you for your good work.

  37. I was wondering if I could maybe re-upload your tutorial videos with audio editing to remove the loud noises in the background. It is so hard to hear you with the buzzing sound and your tutorials are very valuable.

    1. I’m sorry, but I have neither time nor patience to do that… Maybe I will make more tutorials with better quality in the future… maybe. But first things first. I gotta fix it and update it.

      1. Hi Rodolfo,

        This may have been worked out already, but FYI I think Joshua Horton was offering to re-upload your tutorial videos for you – he was just asking for your permission.

        1. Oh! My bad… I misread it as “if you could maybe re-upload”… hahaha…
          @Joshua Horton sure, man! Help is always welcome. You can send me the links so I can post them here. Thanks.

  38. Hi Rodolfo,

    Great work on PMC. It is really helping. I would request to provide some more options for payment gateway in Donation section with language choices too.

    We are keen to see an update.

  39. PMC is a great program. But it is very bad not to find a training resource. I prepared very nice macros to handle my work in PMC. your return will be good for PMC users.

  40. As a solution i keep lots and lots of versions and backups, really painful, if those corruptions and crashes are fixed that would be super awesome.

  41. Yesterday I upload the Unofficial Fix Version to the AHK forum 2020-7-24
    fixed the row mixing bug when saving in PMC.

    Just replace the original exe file.

    The row mixing bug will still happen in follow cases(even you use this fix version):
    1.Add or Duplicate macro tab(sometime)
    2.Close macro tab(sometime)
    3.Assign Hotkey in main window(rarely or maybe not happen)
    4.Assign Hotkey in “Edit Macro” window(often)
    5.Rearrange Macro tab order in main window and “Edit Macro” window(often)
    6.Just open the “Edit Macro”window and do nothing then click the “ok” button ,row mix bug still happen.

    don’t do those actions above,and you will be ok.if you want add or delete tab ,do it with notepad(If you know how to),or you can use “beyond compare” to check the new file and old file if you do those actions in PMC.

    And some other bugs I found:
    1.Recent Files not working
    2.Using expression in a complied exe,you have to remove % for the variable in PMC before complie it,otherwise the complied exe won’t work.

    1. Thanks, man. You can make a pull request, if you want. I’m getting ready to look at the bugs and should release test versions on github.

  42. that’s it. thank you so much. we’ve been waiting for a long time. This version will be great if crash errors have been fixed.

  43. I also love your program which is awesome. Because I use it also in work I´am fully ready to pay for you program. Only one bug really bothering me which is random crashes on win 10 (64). If you will find time to fix this bug I will pay in no time. Maybe you can think also about some kind of “regular monthly fee/ subscription” model. Only last thing to add please it is really important for me to use portable version.
    Hope you are doing ok and we all will see new version in short time

    1. Payment is not the problem, I just lack the time to work on it. But I’m organizing myself to get my hands back on PMC development. And yes, the crashes are on the top of the list. I could make an account on Patreon or something like that but I suppose people would expect some special support or content in return and I cannot guarantee that.

      PMC is already portable. You have this option on installation.

      1. With Patreon you can set aside a portion of the support to “give back” but with enough support you can probably hire some helping hands to speed up development process and debugging.

  44. Microsoft Windows Defender is blocking the installation of MacroCreator and requiring me to give special permission to install it in Windows 10. Perhaps you could contact them and correct this problem?
    This is copied from the screen requiring special permission:

    Report a downloadDownload you are reporting:

    I think this is a safe website I am the owner or representative of this website and I want to report an incorrect warning about itLanguage used for the download:
    Language used for the download:
    Enter the characters you see
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