Version Update: 5.2.9

Version 5.2.9 Updated Compare variables in If Statements window to use expressions with symbols operators only. Fixed bugs in duplicate and paste in groups. Fixed mixed history when adding slots after using undo. Fixed escaped percent signs in strings (`%) being wrongly converted to variables during playback.

Version Update: 5.2.8

Version 5.2.8 Added option to show Group names as comments in View menu > Preview Script and Preview toolbar. Fixed A_ variables not working as InputVar parameter for commands. Fixed Expand all groups not working. Fixed some hotkeys not updating the Play hotkey. Fixed problem with subtraction in expressions. Fixed global context condition being set

Version Update: 5.2.7

Version 5.2.7 Added support for &, *, ~ and Up as modifier symbols for Play hotkey. Added support for setting Hotstrings to execute macros in Edit Macros window. Added support for Image to Text from image file in Image Search command window. Fixed blank ListViews after adding a macro with groups enabled. Fixed groups not showing in duplicated macros. Fixed mixing content when editing macros after

Version Update: 5.2.3

Fixed problems reported by users in this update. About virus alerts: I’ve received many messages about virus alerts for the previous release and I realized that it must have been because I had updated AutoHotkey version. I’m still investigating it but it seems that some Anti-Virus softwares are wrongly flagging the latest versions. So I

Trying to continue the project…

It’s been years since the last version and I’ve been very busy all this time with my job, family and other projects. I plan to look at the bugs reported, try to fix them and maybe add some improvements, but I just can’t find time. So, please, be patient. I’m coming back to PMC when