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Current Version: 5.3.0

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Latest changes: [read full changelog]

Version 5.3.0

  • Fixed bug in Compare variables of If Statements window.

Version 5.2.9

  • Updated Compare variables in If Statements window to use expressions with symbols operators only.
  • Fixed bugs in duplicate and paste in groups.
  • Fixed mixed history when adding slots after using undo.
  • Fixed escaped percent signs in strings (`%) being wrongly converted to variables during playback.

Version 5.2.8

  • Added option to show Group names as comments in View menu > Preview Script and Preview toolbar.
  • Fixed A_ variables not working as InputVar parameter for commands.
  • Fixed Expand all groups not working.
  • Fixed some hotkeys not updating the Play hotkey.
  • Fixed problem with subtraction in expressions.
  • Fixed global context condition being set to macro context.