Feature Highlights

Pulover’s Macro Creator can automate from simple mouse clicks to complex macros with loops and conditions. The built-in Recorder is a handy tool to create precise macros with little effort.

Mouse & Keyboard

Send keystrokes, keyboard commands, move and click.

Control Commands

Control windows in the background. Set and get information from a window’s control.

Window Commands

Wait for a window to exist or be active. Move, resize, maximize, minimize and set various window’s settings.

Image & Pixel Search

Search for an image or pixel on the screen. Make screenshots and define actions to be taken.


Simple and advanced loops. Iterate through files and folders, text files and objects.

If Statements

Control the flow of your macros setting conditions.

Variables & Functions

Define and modify variables and objects. Use strings, numbers and variables. Create arrays.

Internet Explorer & General COM objects

Simplified interface for IE and support for Auto-Hotkey Expressions allowing to control applications like Excel and Word.

User-Defined Functions

Define your own functions with input and output values to be used in your macros.