Version Update: 5.4.0

  • Fixed missing or mixed rows when importing files.
  • Automatically adding escape char in delimiter em omit chars in Loop window.

19 thoughts on “Version Update: 5.4.0”

  1. Ola…
    Estou com muita dificuldade em executar a o “SE”
    assisti o seu vídeo de tutorial e mesmo assim não estou conseguindo
    poderia fazer um tutorial melhor sobre essa função

    1. Novos tutoriais em vídeo vão demorar um pouco ainda pois estou trabalhando na nova versão. Por hora sugiro estudar os arquivos de exemplo que se encontram no arquivo de ajuda do programa ou na página de ajuda deste site.

  2. Good day, Mr. Pulover.
    It was a great surprise to find out that you were again working on your Macro Creator. We started using it by the end of 2019 and we liked it very much, but the frequent crashes and some minor problems we encountered (that we attribute to plain lack of knowledge) were very disappointing. We didn’t report any bugs because we felt that the program had been provided “as is” with no further warranties.
    I found out there were newer versions yesterday and in my first attempt to run a macro that I had not touched for more than a year it ran flawlessly and created a 700 page Powerpoint presentation. We are very optimistic that we can again start using it and automating daily processes.
    Thank you very much for your efforts.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Juan. I’m glad to know that it’s being useful for you. I’ve been away from this project to work on other ones. I’m back for now but don’t know for how long, so if you find any other bugs, please do report them on github.

  3. I am always getting the reminder for the language update, but I have installed it already.

    A BUG report:
    I recorded a perfectly fine macro, used it for a few days, today I opened it, changed the iteration count, ran it, and did not save it before closing… and pooof! it’s gone from my HDD (Good thing, that I had a backup, because that happened before).

    Also a feature request:
    If I select multiple lines, and press [SPACE] I would suggest to toggle all checkboxes. If they are already selected, unselect them. (BTW, great thinking with the checkboxes, that makes troubleshooting soo much easier)

  4. I had version 5.3.9 installed, checked for updates through the help menu, but the 5.4.0 update wasn’t shown. Now I am rid of the “Language Update” reminder too.

  5. I am trying to donate. Paypal gives me a screen in spanish I think. I dont want to enter info without understanding what is being asked. Id be happy to donate if this can be solved somehow. :0)

    1. You could copy text and paste it in google translate if you have doubts.
      I’m french and donated to him few minutes ago, no issues for me 🙂

  6. I second that was said by Juan Agudelo.
    Tried Macro Creator version 5.0.5, and if its interface was cool and there were many options, it was buggy.
    Now last versions work flawlessly, many thanks Pulover 🙂
    I just donated, thanks !

  7. I downloaded 5.4.0 onto a Windows 10 x64 Xeon workstation. Application would load, but when trying to use the pull down menu, move the location of the window, or record a macro, will lock up requiring CTRL-ALT-DELETE to close (freezes all screen interaction with running applications). I will try running the next version to see if it is compatible again with Windows 10 in this environment.
    Thanks for trying.

  8. I love PMC (up to 5.4), have been using it for many years now to automate complex repetitive tasks in several applications. My biggest wish for PMC would be the fixing of a bug which causes the macro to get corrupted when the user is editing a lot.
    example: I have a script with 3 macros and about 20 functions, and if I copy/paste a few lines from one macro/function to another, the last few functions in the file simply currupt because they randomly get lines added which are in the copy paste buffer. It sucks really bad to find out a function broke 10 edits ago…
    This happens especially when some endif or loopend is missing or misplaced (in terms of nesting of these commands) and when the macro source gets larger.

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