Version Update: 4.1.2

It’s been some time since PMC’s last update. 😛

Well, this one brings mainly a few, yet important, fixes. The most notable change is that activating the Main window will no longer stop macros, unless they try to execute a Send or Mouse command. So now you have a new command to deactivate hotkeys, which you’ll find in the Macro, Play Button and Tray Icon menus, or pressing Ctrl+Shift+R in the main window.

I hope to bring some new features in the next version.

Thank you all for the support!

Version 4.1.2

  • Added Options toolbar items to Options Menu.
  • Added support for WinHttp.WinHttpRequest.5.1 object methods in COM Interface.
  • Added debugging messages for missing “End Loop” and “End If” statements (highlighting must be enabled).
  • Added Deactivate Macros command to Macro, Play Button and Tray Icon menus.
  • Changed commands, except Send and Click, to not stop playback when main window is active.
  • Fixed bug with Pause button of Controls Toolbar.
  • Fixed bug with Gosub command inside loops.
  • Fixed bug with A_Loop variables in Compare Variables statement.
  • Fixed bug with A_Space variable in Functions.
  • Fixed escaped comma bug in Assign Variable command.
  • Fixed Get Coordinates tool in Image/Pixel Search window not getting correct values in Window Coord mode.
  • Fixed Copy to command not copying Comment and Color fields.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.