Major update: v5.0.0 + New Video Tutorials

I thought I wouldn’t find the time and energy to finish another major release of PMC, but here we are!  😀

Besides new icons for a better look, this update brings many bug fixes and new features of which I would highlight the support for Real AHK Expressions, not only math operations, and User-Defined Functions. So now you can define your own functions inside PMC with parameters, variables and return values.

PMC now has a built-in Language Editor, so if you want to contribute with a translation correction, it’s much easier now. Just make the changes, save, test and submit them to me without leaving the app. Lang file updates may be released independent of application releases now.

There has been some big internal modifications, especially in the Playback routine, so there might be some hidden bugs out there. Please, let me know if you find any.

And check out the new Video Tutorials!