Version Update: 5.0.2

Bugs fixed and some improvements. Enjoy!

  • Improved performance when Groups are enabled.
  • Changed behavior of Repeat Until option in Image/Pixel Search to allow max repeat number.
  • Fixed global variables cleared after user-defined function calls inside expressions.
  • Fixed local function variables not restored to global scope after call.
  • Fixed expressions being executed twice in commands.
  • Fixed identical function or object calls in expressions being executed only once.
  • Fixed mixed rows data after closing a Macro tab.
  • Fixed some fields of Send Email, Download Files and Zip/Unzip Files not working with variables.
  • Fixed Macro Lists being cleared after reordering function tabs by drag-and-drop or from the Edit Macros window.
  • Fixed hotkeys sometimes not activated.
  • Fixed some rows eventually not executed due to thread issue.
  • Fixed collapsed groups expanded after editing the Macro list.
  • Fixed error message when submitting translation revisions.
  • Boolean assignment is only supported with Expression option now.
  • Reverted SciLexer.dll to previous version due to crashes.