11 thoughts on “Version Update: 5.1.3 [fix]”

  1. So undescribably happy to notice that PMC is being updated again! It will make a huge success, more than it already is. I am recommending it to EVERYBODY.

  2. Dear Pulover:

    There are some suggestions to the great software:

    1:I found that you add an exciting new feature that can make individual context sensitive hotkey for each macro.so is there any chance that one hotkey can be used in two or more macros which are set to different process?

    2:If some deep user got a project that have 200 macros(like me),it’s not easy to go to a middle position macro quickly .Is it possible to change to a multiline view style when clicking the big triangle button on the right side of the main window?

    3:Can mouse click and Wheels up/down be set as hotkey?I can set them by editing the Project File in notepad.and they work fine in PMC too ,just can’t be capture in PMC.

    4:recent file funtion is always grey,unusable.

    Thank for reading.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions.

      1. Well, it’s possible in AHK so I guess it can be done. [update]: no, I was wrong. It doesn’t work with dynamic hotkeys.

      2. I don’t know what you mean by multiline view style. That is just a menu and there isn’t much that can be done with them. Do you have an example of what you mean?

      3. It’s a good idea. I just have to think of a good way to implement it because the hotkey control won’t work for this.

      4. It reads your computer’s recent folder (%AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent) so you probably have it disabled.

      1. Hi:
        About 2. Say I got a project that have 256 macros in it. If i need to edit commands between macro1 and macro128. It will take quite a while to click the “next macro” button to scroll to macro128,and then “previous macro” button to go back to macro1…… I wonder if there is a quicker way to switch to
        a specific macro. the big triangle button dropdown list can show 47 macros in a 1080p monitor. if it
        can show a multi line list,then it will display more macros at the same time.or maybe when I click the
        down triangle button ,it scroll 47 times like a Page Down.wouldn’t it be great?

        PS:the first time I add a imagesearch command,the “add if statement”option is usable.but if I click OK to return to main window and then double click the imagesearch command.the”if statement”option turn to grey.is this specially designed?

        1. I think you mean a listbox. I’m already working on an alternative for this, though. I’m going to add a “go to macro” window with a combobox with autocomplete and line option.

          About the ImageSearch behavior, yes it’s by design. You cannot add an if statement when editing the command, but you can use the If Statement window for that. That checkbox is just a shortcut.

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  4. Pulover, do you have an email to send general business questions to. I hate to leave this kind of message here however we are looking for someone to contract that knows all about Macro Creator. We have a very short macro 15 lines or so that we need help perfecting. This macro will be deployed on 30 – 50 computers. Although our budget is moderate I don’t think that it would take anyone very long to fine tune what we have. We are having 2 problems, the macro running consistently on one computer and migrating the macro from computer to computer.

    1. I just found out that my email configuration was gone from my provider for some reason, but it’s fixed now. You can use my official email address in the contact page, but if possible I suggest you post your doubts on the forum board at autohotkey website.

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