Version Update: 5.2.3

Fixed problems reported by users in this update.

About virus alerts:

I’ve received many messages about virus alerts for the previous release and I realized that it must have been because I had updated AutoHotkey version. I’m still investigating it but it seems that some Anti-Virus softwares are wrongly flagging the latest versions. So I decided to downgrade AHK version for now, until this can be sorted. I cannot guarantee that PMC won’t have false alerts as well, but I can asure it’s completely safe to use it. It has no viruses, malwares or spywares. It’s an Open Source project and you can even run it from source or compile it yourself. If you’re still concerned, you can restrict its internet access from your firewall settings.

Here’s a thread to help report false positive to Anti-Virus companies:

What’s new:

About & Changes

  • Updated exported Compare variables from If Statements window to use expression.
  • Global Context Hotkey is now saved in project file instead of ini file.
  • Fixed Function Return ignoring if statements.
  • Fixed bug with similar numeric Play hotkeys.
  • Fixed bugs in Expressions.
  • Fixed various bugs.

8 thoughts on “Version Update: 5.2.3”

  1. Sorry, but i have problems, when i compile in the new version my script.
    With 5.2.1 works fine. But when i start ahk-script with 5.2.3 or compiling the script, it not works correctly.
    Please offer the the old version 5.2.1 too.
    I have only 5.1.3. This version works.

  2. Dear Pulover, hope all’s well.

    Thank you for creating Pulover’s Macro Creator. We’re using it every day at the moment, in conjunction with Blender, Canva, Google Sheets, YouTube and

    We are extremely happy with the outstanding performance of PMC. It has enabled us to produce one or two new videos per day, translated into multiple languages. Before PMC it used to take multiple days of repetitious work for each video.

    We have been happily updating PMC as each new version came out recently, but today 5.2.3 made our hotkeys stop working, making PMC much slower to use. Uninstalling PMC and installing previous version made the hotkeys work again.

    God bless you, Pulover, and deepest thanks again. Kindest regards from Osaka78

    1. Dear Pulover, hope all’s well.

      We just tested the PMC upgrade path from 5.2.1 to 5.2.3 to 5.2.6 and can confirm that macro hotkeys work as expected on 5.2.1, then fail on 5.2.3, then work as expected again on 5.2.6.

      Thank you again for your brilliant efforts. PMC is one of the most beautiful programs on earth. God bless PMC. Kindest regards from Osaka78

    1. It’s not as easy as replacing one for the other. Chrome doesn’t expose a COM Object Interface like IE, but some users on the forum have pointed me to some libs that seem to be able to automate it. I’m going study them when I get the time to see if it can be implemented.

  3. Thank you for your incredible works and time !
    I just want to know if a dark mode is on your plans in the future ? and also videos tutorials ?

    1. Dark mode would be cool, but I have other priorities, so don’t wait for it just yet.
      I’m happy to say that I am talking to a real youtuber who has offered to make new tutorials. I’m slowly updating my channel and will upload the new videos as soon as he finishes them (will be available in both channels).

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