6 thoughts on “Version Update: 5.2.6”

  1. Continually asks to update language files after this update. Can’t open software even after re-install.

    1. Deleting %AppData%\MacroCreator and reinstalling should solve it. You can also download the portable version (which is the same software but with ini file on the same folder as the exe).

  2. Don’t want the minitool bar during playback, but can’t seem to disable it. Unchecked everything in playback settings and everywhere else could find.

    Before starting playback closed the minitool bar with “control b”, but as soon as the play button is hit the minitool bar pops back up and can not be closed with “control b”.

    Also the when the mintool bar is open can not close Pulovers by right clicking on the Pulovers icon in the taskbar. Pulovers still hangs often enough that it needs to be closed by right clicking it on the task bar.

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