Help getting a Certificate for PMC

Macro Creator has been one of my biggest project so far and I’m very proud of it. I do appreciate all the support I get with donations and feedback, but since this is not a commercial software I couldn’t afford to spend much on it and that’s the reason why it still doesn’t have a code signing certificate, which leads to complaints and warnings from MS Windows.

Now I’m trying to find some partners to fix that and at the same time help me monetize it in a way that I can keep it free for the everyone. But before I can get this done I need to buy a certificate for my software and if you can afford to help me with that, I’d be very thankful. I’ve found a good alternative that won’t cost too much, so all help is appreciated.

To make a donation via PayPal, click on one of the options below. If you’d like to send it through other means, please feel free to contact me.

If you can’t donate, other ways to support the project is to subscribe to my YouTube channel and to disable your AdBlocker on this website. Thank you so much! 😉