4 thoughts on “Version Update: 5.3.4”

  1. I’m attempting to record a simple macro, but every time I do so the application crashes and is closed by Windows.

    I’m using Windows 10. The macro is simple, I hold the Cntrl key down and left click in Firefox. This crashes MacroCreator. Poof. Gone. Every time.

    I’m unable to use this application even a little in Windows 10. I don’t experience this problem in Windows 7.

    1. I was able to get around this by using a middle click with the mouse wheel, which serves the same function. But… I do sometimes not have this option. It will sometimes be necessary for me to hold the Cntrl key down while clicking.

    2. I’m using Windows 10. Tried to record a ctrl click in Firefox like you said and it didn’t crash so I don’t know how I can find the problem. Why don’t you try to insert commands manually instead of recording?

  2. Hello, my system is win10. After I turn it on, clicking any button is useless, and then it will get stuck after a few seconds. I can’t do anything, I can only force it off. How can I solve this problem?

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