Version Update: 5.3.5

  • Updated max value for Pause (Sleep) command.
  • Project’s exe custom icon path is now saved to PMC file.
  • Fixed bugs with objects and strings inside objects.
  • Fixed small bugs.

6 thoughts on “Version Update: 5.3.5”

  1. ペーストをするたびに他のグループが開いてしまうようになりました。

    1. Other groups now open every time I paste.
      Is it possible to turn off this function?

      I’ll see if I can fix that in the next release.



  2. Hello,
    This situation works in a macro, but if I put the same thing in the function and call it, PMC 5.3.5 reports an error. In version 5.3.0, everything worked.
    Images := [“Image1″,”Image2”]
    i := 1
    OutImages := []
    OutImages[i] := Folder Miniatura

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