Trying to continue the project…

It’s been years since the last version and I’ve been very busy all this time with my job, family and other projects. I plan to look at the bugs reported, try to fix them and maybe add some improvements, but I just can’t find time. So, please, be patient. I’m coming back to PMC when

Version Update: 5.0.3

Hello again, everyone! I took some time to fix all known bugs that I could. I also made a few minor improvements to the UI, based on user comments. About the project At the time of this release I am really busy with other projects, so I’m going to stop maintaining this one indefinitely. These other projects

Version Update: 5.0.2

Bugs fixed and some improvements. Enjoy! Improved performance when Groups are enabled. Changed behavior of Repeat Until option in Image/Pixel Search to allow max repeat number. Fixed global variables cleared after user-defined function calls inside expressions. Fixed local function variables not restored to global scope after call. Fixed expressions being executed twice in commands. Fixed

Version Update: 5.0.1

4 years anniversary release! 😀 Version 5.0.1 Improved performance of Macro List operations. Increased max Speed settings for playback and export to 256x. Added Incremental option to delay in the Multi-Edit window. Fixed application not responsive when loading large project files. Fixed If string [not] contains statement not working with A_Loop variables. Fixed context menus

Major update: v5.0.0 + New Video Tutorials

I thought I wouldn’t find the time and energy to finish another major release of PMC, but here we are!  😀 Besides new icons for a better look, this update brings many bug fixes and new features of which I would highlight the support for Real AHK Expressions, not only math operations, and User-Defined Functions.